Restaurants are opening again on June 1st. W E L C O M E !


Our mission is to enrich the restaurant culture by creating magical moments in beautifully designed restaurants with an international, buzzing atmosphere.

Hawaii Restaurants

Hawaii runs three restaurants in Helsinki, very soon four. Hawaii is founded and independently run by restaurateurs Richard McCormick & Ville Relander. All restaurants are co-owned by the restaurateurs and NoHo Partners. Hawaii employs a committed team of more than 100 superstars coming from all corners of the world.

Besides oysters, below are few other things we hold very dear.
Some could even call them our core values.

Yes Mentality

We love restaurants where everything is possible, and where dreams come true.


“What is love?” asked Haddaway in his one-hit wonder back in the 90s. In one interview he replied to that very golden question: “‘What is love’ needs to be defined by everyone by their own definition. For me, it has to do with trust, honesty and dedication.” We go by Haddaway’s definition.


We’re never ready. It’s all about continuous learning and looking for ways to improve. Listen, learn and share. We value and respect every person stepping through our doors, whether it’s a guest or a team member. We appreciate all our colleagues in the hospitality industry.


When we work together, we work the best. We are proud of the diversity of our world class team and at the same time, we’re happy to offer a friendly family to belong to.


We translate hipness to staying fresh and curious, never losing the indie mentality, being brave and creative, embracing change, trying out new ideas, even setting a trend every now and then. Doing stuff differently, as it’s always been done.


We love bustling restaurants. Doors opening and closing, music, laughter. A guest might even need to move to let the neighbours get to their table. We value bustle, as we believe it’s an important part of the atmosphere in the type of restaurants we want to create.

Royal Ravintolat Helsinki restaurants suits for all occasions. Are you for exampleplanning a romantic candle-lit dinner with someone special? Or needing to grab a quick lunch in Helsinki somewhere central between meetings? Or perhaps you’re looking forward to a relaxed brunch in Helsinki with friends at the weekend? We are delighted to say that for these, and for all other occasions, we have the perfect restaurant waiting for you.